Thursday, December 15, 2011

K'Ray Noobslappa Part 2: The Baggage I Left Behind Allowed Me To Go Back To What I Do

Okay, after a few hiccups, heartbreaks and disappointments with the reception of other works that I have done, a move across the country, and several hours/days/months lamenting on the LACK of progress....

I have actually (re)(re)restarted the actual statue itself.  Look at previous posts for the base that K'Ray will be standing on!

This is K'Ray's head.  At this point I had about an hour vested (and I went to bed shortly thereafter.  For some reason I get creative impulses LATE at night).  You can see the stack of clay bricks that will eventually be her body.

I decided that K'Ray needed a body this morning.  This is the point that I stopped at to research how many fingers a friggin' Ewok has...

...which is three.  This is K'Ray as she currently exists, and she will hopefully have legs tomorrow!  Remember that the point of this (like my last foray into Star Wars inspired sculpture) is to first and foremost make one of my favorite people on the planet smile, and secondly make a Ewok that doesn't suck/I hate.

So this is K'Ray Noobslappa, Slapper of N00bs.  Soon she will be perched triumphantly atop a pile of Stormtrooper helmets, screaming in victory towards the heavens; or something like that.



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Brother's Dream: Part 3


My Brother's Dream: Part 2

Okay LoViz plays a little here, but he is HYPED up... (he reeeally isn't that cocky, but he IS that funny...)

My Brother's Dream: Part 1

I am really pumped, because my brother is going to go up on stage for the first time in his life!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GK-0611 The GhettoJedi: お金をもてます (o-ka-ney-o-mo-te-mas)

Still have to make the leaf into water, but I added my name, replaced one of the 愛(love) kanji with the one for 'ocean' 海(Umi), cleaned up the kanji for "son" and "niece" as well their names, and added the motto at the bottom, 夏が来ている "summer is coming".